If you’re trying to sell your home in a timely manner and get the highest and best price, use this checklist for results:

10) Curb appeal – Mow the grass, trim shrubbery, rake, and plant flowers to attract anyone driving around looking for a home to buy. A well-manicured lawn attracts potential buyers to want to take a look inside the home. Pressure wash the driveway and walkways for an added neat, clean appearance.

9) De-clutter and de-personalize – Clutter can be a distraction to a potential buyer and hide the best features of your home. Moving excessive furniture, toys, decorative items, and pictures, for example, will make the home look bigger and more spacious. In the case of selling your home, remember, less is more when it comes to extra stuff lying around.

8) Stage the home – As you de-clutter, keep in mind how to stage the home. Rearrange furniture, open blinds for natural light, add soft drapery, and soothing lights or candles are some suggestions. The internet is filled with ideas on staging a home for sale.

7) Clean, polish, and shine – Clean, immaculate homes are always more appealing to a potential buyer. Shampoo carpets, clean tile grout, dust light fixtures and ceiling fans, and touch up paint that is chipped or scuffed. Pressure wash the outside patio and concrete areas to add a clean appearance as well.

6) Place a “For Sale” sign in the yard – Let people know your home is for sale to increase your chances of attracting a buyer faster.

5) List your home for a minimum of 180 days – Most homes sell in four to six months (depending on the current market). Listing for a smaller time frame will decrease the home’s exposure to potential buyers and does not allow for ample time to attract the right offer.

4) Offer compensation to a buyer’s agent – Buyer’s agents are more motivated to show your home if you’re offering compensation for a successful closing, even if you are selling “By Owner”.  If selling “By Owner”, be open to working with a buyer’s agent since they work with qualified buyers ready to purchase.

3) Hire an excellent real estate agent to list the home – Not all agents are created equal. Excellent, responsive listing agents follow up after each showing to provide you with honest, objective feedback from the showing agents. Interview potential listing agents and make sure they are offering high quality digital photos and advanced technology applications to market your home. Excellent agents also know how to negotiate the highest and best price for your home and give you peace of mind in your transaction.

2) Easy access for showings – Make your home easy to show. Some buyers are looking to purchase quickly, so make seeing your home convenient and readily available. Buyer’s agents schedule home showings back to back and may not want to come back at a later time or another day.  Sellers who limit or restrict showings may lose the interest of buyers.  Also, don’t crowd the showing be insisting that you have to be present.  Give the potential buyers the space they need to view the home without the pressure.

1) Price the home at market value – Overpricing a home only delays the process of selling it and keeps buyers away. Buyer’s agents also know what current home values are, and may decide not to show your home if they know it’s overpriced. If you need help setting a price, a qualified real estate professional can assist or a state certified appraiser.

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Aaron Huber

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